English: Minor blue dragon combination

Chinese: Xiao Qing long tang 

Japanese: Shoseiryuto(#19) 


Pinellia (Ban xia) – 6.0

Ma-huang (Ma huang) – 3.0

Peony (Bai shao yao) – 3.0

Asarum (Xi xin) – 3.0

Schizandra (Wu wei zi) – 3.0

Licorice (Gan cao) – 3.0

Cinnamon (Gui zhi) – 3.0

Ginger (Sheng jiang) – 3.0



  1. Cough with fever, stridor, headache, severe chills, flushing up, hiccups and dizziness.
  2. Bronchial or humoral stridor and watery sputum.
  3. Allergic rhinits.
  4. Whooping cough, bronchial dilatio, pulmonary asthma.
  5. Renal cirrhosis (interstital inflammation), swelling due to primary nephritis and colds accompanied by cough and swelling.
  6. Conjunctivitis, inflammation of the tear ducts, periorbital edema and lachrymation.
  7. Edematous arthritis.

Note: this formula should not be given to patients having weak conformation and night sweats.